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US15/12V and US15/24V Inverters

Product Code: US15/12V
Input Voltage

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IBS Ultra Sine Inverter, US 15/12-V

12V/24V Inverter 150W

A new generation of small and powerful Sine Inverters. For a comparison chart of all the IBS inverters click HERE !

Suitable for the following applications: 
Small consumer units without high starting currents such as laptops, gaming consoles, digital cameras, and mobile telephones.Supply from cigarette lighter in the vehicle. 

  • Pure sine signal quality
  • Very small and light units
  • Very rugged construction to cope with extreme conditions
Order-Nr. US15/12V
nominal output 150W (TA+20°C)
overload (7s) 250W
efficiency 85 %
stand-by consumption < 2.4 W
stand-by load sensing not available
signal at any load 100% Sine
output voltage 225VAC/50Hz
input voltage 11-15 VDC
temp. range 0°C...+40°C
low battery disconnection with reset yes
remote panel n.a.
power leads in delivery kit yes, Lighter- connector
dimensions [mm] WxHxD 245x120x70
weight 1.3 kg
Power Terminal no
special remarks For applications with handicraft machines with high starting currents choose the IBS 300-800Watt Inverters.
security functions wrong polarity, over and under voltage, surge control, overload and short circuit of output, over temperature.
230V connector versatile appliances coupler to accept an adapter plug for any country.