UpRacks Roof Rack

The Upracks roof racks inspire with numerous detailed solutions, the outstanding quality (Made in Italy) and an extensive selection of accessories. The flat and no-frills design of these roof rack platforms shows the 4x4-heavy origin quickly. The grooves of the profiles offer numerous possibilities for an individual configuration. It is interesting that the same grooves are used over and over again. For example, eye bolts can be mounted on the platform, on the side of the platform or even underneath. The ability to insert and remove the slot nuts at any point on the roof rack is particularly clever. This allows accessories to be attached and removed at any point without having to remove anything else.

With a dead weight of 14-34 kg, the Upracks platforms are among the lightweights. This is an enormous advantage, since the maximum roof load of the vehicle restricts travel accessories, etc. Example: A car has a maximum of 100kg. If the platform, including all attachments, weighs only 30kg, 70kg remain at your disposal. If the carrier itself already weighs 60kg, only 40kg remain. When unloaded, the centre of gravity of the vehicle is not unnecessarily negatively affected.