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Upgraded Clutch Kits

Xtreme Outback, manufacturers of 4WD Performance clutches, has released a new product to ease woes experienced by some 2005 onwards Nissan Pathfinder owners.

The Nissan Pathfinder runs a Dual-Mass Flywheel with a clutch system that can be pushed outside its factory limits under high load use. Particular pain is felt by those with the torquey turbo diesel variant under towing or challenging Off-Road conditions. When the factory unit starts to slip, the heat generated often causes the factory installed Dual-Mass Flywheel to fail; this can cause noise & complete Flywheel Failure that can cause loss of drive to the wheels entirely. This can result in the need to replace the Flywheel as Dual-Mass Flywheel's are technically not meant to be machined & are recommended by their manufacturer to be replaced with a new Clutch Kit installation.

The Xtreme Outback Replacement including Flywheel gives increased clamp load & higher coefficient of friction as well as a machinable flywheel that could well outlast the vehicle itself.

The Kit comes with a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with a Clamp Load rating of 1250KG's which is a 25% increase over Standard, Organic Clutch Plate, Thrust bearing & Chrome-moly Solid Flywheel Replacement. This would be ideal for Pathfider owners who take their vehicles Off-Road or use them for any sort of towing.