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Upgraded Clutch Kits

Often OEM clutches aren't fit for purpose. Many wear out quickly or aren't up to handling the work loads that your vehicle is designed for. Our range of heavy duty upgrade kits give you the best increases in torque and load capacity, with minimal compromises in ease-of-use.

Over the past 15 years, Australian Clutch Services have developed a range of clutch systems and components for the tough world of 4x4 vehicles. The Xtreme Outback range covers 4WD and SUV vehicles.

Xtreme Outback clutches are a substantial upgrade compared to the OE Clutch and will suit all vehicles from standard spec to the heavily armoured and the clutches work well on tarmac, towing or serious heavy duty off roading.

As Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturer of real performance clutches, the Xtreme Out back clutch range has been developed by globally sourcing the best products for each unique application. The range is continually being increased to suit the rapidly growing performance market.
New facing materials are continually being tested and developed to obtain the optimum performance.
The Xtreme Outback range currently has in excess of 300 performance clutch kits and offer customers special build to order for their specific requirements
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