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Upgraded Clutch Kits

Xtreme have released an Xtreme Heavy Duty Solid Conversion Clutch Kit to suit both the Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50. This Kit includes the Pressure Plate, Clutch Plate, Solid Chrome-moly Flywheel, Pressure Plate Bolts, Clutch Aligning Tool, Spigot Bearing & Thrust Bearing.

The Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 runs a Dual-Mass Flywheel with a clutch system that can be pushed outside it's factory limits under high load use. When the factory unit starts to slip, the heat generated often causes the factory installed Dual-mass Flywheel to fail, this can cause noise & complete Flywheel failure that can cause loss of drive to the wheels entirely. This can result in the need to replace the Flywheel as Dual-Mass Flywheel's are technically not meant to be machined & are recommended by their manufacturer to be replaced with a new Clutch Kit installation.

The Xtreme Heavy Duty Solid Conversion Kit has an increased clamp load & higher coefficient of friction as well as a machinable flywheel that could well outlast the vehicle itself.

The Kit would be suitable for Ranger/BT50 owners who take their vehicles Off-Road or use them for any sort of towing.

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Xtreme Clutch Upgrade for Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50

includes a solid flywheel