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Underbody Protection Plates

Why take a risk with the vehicle you've lovingly equipped for your off-road adventure. A cracked differential could end your trip before you've even begun. Better to ensure that your equipment list contains Asfir skid plates for complete underbody protection...

Asfir manufactures skid plates to protect the lower components of the vehicle: fuel tank, engine, transfer box and gearbox. The skid plates are made from 6 mm quality aluminum which is laser cut and bent into shape on a computerized machine.

The skid plates attach via the original pre-drilled holes in the vehicle. They are mounted onto the vehicle via brackets, which are designed to absorb the shocks and vibration on encountering an obstacle on the road.

Each skid plate is designed with service openings to enable servicing of the vehicle without dismantling the plates. The skid plates are also designed to enable free air flow to the vehicle's cooling system.

The skid plates are equipped with rubber seals to prevent noise and rattling while driving.
The different plates combine with one another to create a full underbody protection for the vehicle.

To order your skid plates, use the search "..by Vehicle Model" on the top right of the page to find the plates you'll need for your vehicle !