Treeline Outdoors Roof Tents

AUTOHOME. When experience makes all the difference.
We have always been “number 1”. Not by chance. Because of our combination of imagination and “Made in Italy” quality.
The result is our roof tent, the first, the original and still the biggest seller.
Each Autohome tent is the product of our experience and the recommendations of adventurer travellers.
These two skills together have created the largest range of tents available. A catalogue that is constantly kept up to date to provide you with a tent that is perfect for your needs.
Quality, reliability, comfort and a large number of accessories.
We do everything to give you a good night’s sleep.

Autohome is committed to constant research and innovation: the exceptional level of safety and quality is recognized by the prestigious International Certification of TÜV SÜD Rheinland, formal acknowledgement of the excellence of the biggest selling (and Original) tents in the world.
Most Autohome products have successfully passed the following tests:

1. Test to 3.8 standard of DIN 75302/02.91;
2. Test to 3.9.2 standard of DIN 75302/02.91;
3. Test to 3.9.3 standard of DIN 75302/02.91;
4. Test to 3.9.4 standard of DIN 75302/02.91;
5. Certificate number: AK 60024834 0001;
6. The authorities can check for forged certificates;
7. Professional buyers often select suppliers and products on the basis of quality/safety certificates;
8. End users prefer certified products because they are a “safer” choice.

If you are looking for a roof tent, you can be reassured by the certificates awarded to Autohome, concrete proof of our commitment to consumers and our wish to continuously improve. The transparency of quality information, origin of materials and manufacturing systems are further incentives when weighing up your decision and choosing Autohome.


Each Autohome product has been made with attention to the smallest detail, using the most suitable materials for its use.
Sixty years in manufacturing enable us to adopt the best tested materials for different climatic and travel conditions.
Our tough “Autohome Quality” controls guarantee a product without material or packaging defects.