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The Outback Roof Console perfectly fits the contours of your vehicles roofand keeps valuables out of the public eye. The Console can also house you CB Radio easily. The powerful map reading lights are battery friendly LEDs with a further set built into the rear of the unit for your rear passenger’s comfort. Each unit is supplied with the required backing plates for your vehicle’s roof.

  • Interior light, front and rear
  • Two powerful map lights
  • Radio housing for security and easy access
  • Swing down storage locker
  • Injection molded body, leather grain finish
  • Easy to install
  • Capacity for two radios if required
HiLux 2005 to 2015 Roof Console
Double Cab & Extra Cab only
Land Cruiser 100 series  Roof Console
GXL Model without sun roof 2003 on models
Land Cruiser 100 series Roof Console
Standard Model 1998 on models
Land Cruiser 76 series Roof Console
2009 on models with SRS air bags. Single & Dual Cab
Land Cruiser 79 series Roof Console
Cab Chassis models 1999 - 2007
Land Cruiser 80 Series Roof Console
05/90-12/94 models GXL models
Land Cruiser 80 series Roof Console..
GXL Model 01/95 to 03/98
Land Cruiser 80 series. Roof Console
Standard Model 01/95 to 03/98
Land Cruiser 80 series.Roof Console.
Standard Model 05/90 to 12/94