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Taubenreuther Muli-Rack for Pick Ups

Taubenreuther "Muli-Rack" loading area carrier

Pickups are more popular than ever and more and more customers want to drive their vehicle open at the rear, i.e. without a hardtop or cover. Nevertheless, they want space for accessories or roof tents. Similar products are already available, in the USA, but these are often not suitable for EU pickups.

Our “Muli-Rack” will appear in four basic versions. For all double, extra and single cabins in a flat and high.configuration

The flatsystem enables easy access to all items, regardless of whether it is a spare wheel, bicycle, canister, etc. In addition, a folding roof tent can be installed as flush as possible with the cabin. This of course lowers the centre of gravity as well as the wind resistance and enables the use of garages and most multi-storey car parks. The higher variant will give a certain amount of adjustment freedom. The aim is that the carrier is either flush with the upper, rear roof edge of the pickup or it can be mounted, or raised, so that it is on a level with a carrier mounted on the vehicle roof.

The loading area carrier will be the basis for a wide variety of superstructures, giving the customer numerous options.

The "Muli-Rack" is designed to use the Rhino-Rack cross members or Pioneer platforms. These fit on the specified mounting points and offer a wide range of accessories. Of course, other combinations are also possible.

The high version of the loading area carrier is supplied with struts made of round tubes as standard. If you want to further individualise this, there are a range of accessories such as holders for canisters, shovels, hi-lifts, etc.

We also made sure that the system is compatible with the DECKED drawer systems.

Like our attachment kits, the system will be KTL and black powder-coated. This offers the best possible protection against corrosion.