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Solar Panel 40W

Product Code: MCF40

Our Price: £366.23
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Mobile MCF Solar Cells

The IBS MCF (Modular Clean Frame) 12V solar cells offer many new great features. Thanks to the clean frame tachnology, the cells are placed almost to the panel edge. The Monocristalline 40W is about 25% smaller and lighter than comaprable cells from the past. The skinny aluminium frame with only 29mm thicknes offers a wide range of ways to mount it and is highly rugged for serious travelling conditions. Due to the new spectrum optisisation this cell offer a 15% higher performance.

Mounting methods include corner mounts which can be glued on and aluminium clips.

Power - 40Wp
Performance MPP - 17V/2.35A
Cell Type - Monocristalline
Dimensions (mm) - 410 x 660 x 29 
Weight (Kg) - 3.28