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Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L

Product Code: 5-99100616

Our Price: £4,849.00
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Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L
Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L Snoway V-Box Spreader 570L
Ideal for treating pavements, driveways and small car parks, the Sno-Way 570L V-Box Spreader is the smart solution for small to midsize gritting.

The Sno-Way V-Box spreader delivers an all-new performance level to tailgate salt spreading. No other spreader in its class can match the simplicity of its design, ease of use or rugged construction. At an empty weight of just 252kg, the Sno-Way V-Box is perfect for single operator handling.

All Sno-Way electric V-box spreaders include a standard one-piece top screen. The screen bolts to the hopper frame and its rigid steel mesh design assists with bulk material sifting and breakup. The top screen also protects an inverted-vee by disbursing the initial weight of material when bulk loading.

The power behind Sno-Way’s electric V-box spreaders is delivered by a 1/2 horsepower, 30-amp electric motor. Controlled by an ON/OFF rocker switch control, this motor provides reduced noise and eliminates engine exhaust, maintenance and gas. The motor is protected by a large, hinged cover.

An inverted-vee reduces the weight of bulk spread material on the conveyor by directing salt or sand away from its centre. Without the extra weight, the conveyor moves spread material more efficiently and more uniformly to the chute. Less weight on the conveyor translates into a lesser load on the electric motor as well. Standard equipment on all Sno-Way electric V-box spreaders, the inverted-vee is available in corrosion resistant stainless steel. Easy to mount or remove, the inverted-vee is bolted to two cross member braces in the hopper. The height of the inverted-vee is also adjustable. The higher the vee is positioned over the conveyer, the more bulk material (and weight) will load on the conveyor. A lower position will ease the conveyor load.

Light bar not included.

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