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Snoway 250L spreader

Our Price: £1,839.00
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Ideal for treating pavements, driveways and small car parks, the Sno-Way 9-Cu.-Ft. Receiver Spreader is the smart solution for small to midsize gritting.

The Sno-Way 9 delivers an all-new performance level to tailgate salt spreading. No other spreader in its class can match the simplicity of its design, ease of use or rugged construction. At an empty weight of just 46kg, the Sno-Way 4 is perfect for single operator handling.

Sno-Way’s 9 receiver spreader uses an electric motor that is separated from the hopper interior and isolated from the exterior of the spreader. This patent pending feature protects the motor from corrosive spread material and inclement weather. The motor components are also specially coated for added corrosion resistance.

Rear light bar not included.

Shipping costs to be advised.