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Snow Ploughs

The Snow Sportz plough is a manually operated plough with no hydraulics/electrics.
The plough simply lifts onto the vehicle mounted receiver and is held in place via a pin.
To operate simply lower the blade and set the ploughing angle and then drive your vehicle forward. When you start driving the snow plow automatically starts pushing snow, the blade is guided by a push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. The thick rubber cutting edge facilitates effective snow removal yet remains turf friendly
Back up to take another pass. When driving in reverse the blade of the snow plow lies back skimming over the surface. When driving forward the blade automatically re-engages for ploughing. There are no controls to operate, all you do is drive.
When snow removal is complete, lift the blade back over the push frame into the transport position.
This product includes both the Snow Sportz plough and the vehicle mount