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What do you want from your roof racks?

Whether you don't have space inside your car, or you would rather not clutter your cargo area, a roof rack will provide you with a space-saving alternative for carrying cargo and equipment. You can mount large and unwieldy items that will not fit inside your car or SUV. You can fill a rooftop Luggage Box with wet, sandy or dirty gear to ensure that your trunk or cargo area remains clean and dry. And you can quickly and easily get your sporting gear to the trail, beach, lake, or mountain.

The first step when choosing a roof-rack system is determining what it is that you want to carry or, more precisely, how you intend to use your rack as this will dictate which leg, bar or Pioneer system you will need. Generally, roof racks are broken down into two systems Crossbars & Legs or Legs/Backbone and Pioneer System.

If you want to carry a kayak, bikes, or a Luggage Box on sealed roads, a clamp on style roof rack system consisting of leg and crossbars that sit on your roof and clips around where the door closes will do the job for you.

To carry serious loads to the worksite, off-road driving, or you are after the ultimate offering for your vehicle, Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems have got it covered.

Crossbars and Legs Roof Rack System:

The crossbars provide the usable portion of your roof-rack system where any carriers or accessories will be mounted. Crossbars can be two styles, Overhang or Flush or as we like to think about it, Function and Fashion.

Overhang crossbars are the most common style of racks providing a wider surface area to mount your belongings such as kayak carriers, bike racks, awnings, trade equipment or other 4x4 accessories. They are the functional choice for most users.

Flush crossbars are unique as they provide a seamless appearance, and it fits your car roof like a factory fitted accessory by the car manufacturer. They are the fashionable choice for most users.

With Crossbars, Rhino-Rack has the following styles available

Vortex – Our most popular crossbar option for your weekend adventurer, these racks work seamlessly with our recreation accessories such as kayak carriers, bike racks, fishing rod holders, luggage boxes, ski carriers and more thanks to the C-Channel in the top of the bar. Aerodynamically designed, Vortex bars have a high load rating and have a patented VGS rubber strip, which has been designed to reduce wind drag and noise. Manufactured from aluminium they can be flush or overhang in design.

Heavy Duty - These bars are designed for Tradesman and Offroaders with a huge range of off-road and trade accessories available you can easily transform your vehicle from work to play when required.

Pioneer Platforms

Designed to make it easier for you, the Rhino-Rack Pioneer range is a world leader in full rack systems. The Pioneer range is lightweight, strong, and durable enough to endure any environment and flexible enough to carry almost anything. The Pioneer systems also allow you to take more gear with you, and when you are stationary, you can have up to 360kg / 800lb on some vehicles. They are the preferred method for mounting rooftop tents and have a massive range of accessories for every purpose.