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Pioneer "Stow it" starter Kit (4 pieces)

Brand: Rhino Rack  |  Product Code: 50-16SSIT  |  Weight: 2kg  |  

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Contents included:

  • 4 STOW iT Base Brackets
  • 4 Universal Adapters


The STOW iT Starter Kit is an accessory bracket offering unique versatility. Simply fix the base brackets to the side channels of a Pioneer platform or Rhino-Rack crossbar, and you have the convenience and flexibility to add, remove, or swap accessories with ease.  To start you off the kit comes with Universal Adaptors ideal for mounting a Sunseeker awning, the award winning STOW iT Utility holder or any other applicable Rhino-Rack accessory. When mounting light bars or rollers, separate adaptors are available that can be used in place of the Universal Adaptor:
Light bars adaptor: 50-16ISIT
Rollers adaptor: 50-16OSIT

  • Compatible with Pioneer Platforms, Vortex and Reconn-Deck
  • Quick and easy removal of side mounted accessories
  • Zwifloc channel nuts allow brackets to be placed without moving other accessories
  • 20 Kg max load per bracket pair
  • weight: 2 Kg