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Old Man Emu/Koni Suspension

We supply the best quality suspension kits to replace your old suspension or modify your vehicle for offroading or carrying loads. We have a huge variety of suspension kits from Koni and Old Man Emu

We start by finding out what you need your suspension to do and we check the details of your vehicle. Our experienced mechanics use this information to identify the exact suspension kits required and avoid the pitfalls of customers selecting suspension kits that might have some subtle inconsistencies with the make, model or customisation of their vehicle. Using this information our sales team will prepare a quote for you based on the various suspension options identified for your vehicle across the supplied brands.

Please fill out the form below and we will respond to you as quickly as we can with a full description of the suspension units you will require and the pricing. It's well worth the effort to get the specification right at the outset !

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