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Muli-Rack High Systems

The higher variant will give a certain amount of adjustment freedom. Our goal is that the carrier is either flush with the upper, rear roof edge of the pickup can be mounted, or raised, so that it is on a level with a carrier mounted on the vehicle roof.
Double Cab Muli Rack HD
Incl 2 x Rhino Heavy Duty Cross Bars
Double Cab Muli Rack Platform
Incl Pioneer Platform 1528X1376MM
Double Cab Muli Rack Vortex
Incl. 2 x Rhino Vortex Cross Bars
Muli-Rack  Extra Cab High Pioneer
Incl. 1 x Pioneer Platform 1828X1426MM
Muli-Rack High Extra Cab 3HD
Incl. 3 x Rhino Heavy Duty Cross Bars
Muli-Rack High Extra Cab 3Vortex
incl 3 x Rhino Vortex Cross Bars