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Mid Height Drawer Units

With all the convenience of a low roller floor and increased storage capacity in the slide out tray, ARB has released a full range of Mid-Height Roller Floor Drawers. This new Roller Floor with drawer (RFH) has an increased drawer depth of 105mm which is 30mm greater than the original Roller Floor (RF module). As a comparison, the full height RDRF (Roller Draw / Roller Floor) has a depth of 215mm. This new ‘Mid Height’ roller floor drawer is the perfect height to stow your items away and still have access to the fridge on the sliding roller floor without it being too high. The extra capacity is ideal for accommodating various ARB accessories such as your recovery kit and snatch straps, jump starter as well as all of your camping food and even a first aid kit. Available in 945, 1045 & 1355mm lengths, these Mid-Height Roller Floors are compatible with the existing range of full height drawers and will bolt in seamlessly with any configuration.