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Long Ranger Fuel Tank

Our Price: £1,374.56
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Long Ranger Fuel Tank
  • Part Number: TA77S

  • Fits 4X4 models, diesel
  • LongRanger Capacity: 61 Litres (141L Total When Combined With Factory 80L Tank)
  • Fitting Location: Behind Rear Axle And Above The Spare Tyre
  • Filler Location: Original Via T Piece
  • Fuel Transfer: Gravity Feed
  • Exhaust Modifications: None
  • Other Modifications: None
  • Fitting Time: 3.5 Hours Fitting Time info
  • Shipping Weight: 40 KG
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1130 mm x 260 mm x 630 mm

Whether you are towing a trailer or have some rugged remote areas to travel this Long Ranger tanks give the user maximum fuel capacity on-board.  With a huge boost in fuel capacity. Thanks to a 76% increase to the standard 80L tank our unique auxiliary tank design does not affect ramp over angle, at all!  Generally getting this much fuel under an Amarok would mean compromising the ground clearance with a bigger replacement tank but we have taken advantage of VW’s cleaner burning engine and shorter exhaust system that terminates before the diff housing which has created some space around the spare tyre not normally available on your typical ute. Fuel transfer is via a simple gravity feed system so there are no pumps or switches to worry about, so it’s just like one big tank without the drawbacks of lower clearance and all that weight on one side of the vehicle hanging off tank mounts designed for an 80L tank.