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The IBS Ultra Sine Inverters generate 230VAC pure sine signal from 12V or 24V DC battery power. This power is the same quality as the power available from your 240V socket at home. This is in stark contrast to the lower quality inverters on the market. These older technologies have restrictions in various applications and can never be compared with pure sine inverters.

The Ultra Sine high frequency inverters are available with power outputs of 150W, 400W, 500W, 800W and 1600W. These inverters come in 12V and 24V models so please ensure that you select the right one for your application in the drop down box !

If no appliances are connected the inverter returns after a time delay to the power saving stand-by mode. The optional remote switching control (RP02 for US30/50, and RP03 for US80/160) is available if the access to the installed inverter is not easy.

The Ultra Sine Inverters will safely operate medical equipment, computers, and refrigerators. These light and very compact inverters come in rugged aluminium cases. Various protective circuits (under and over voltage, overload, short-circuit and overheating) guarantee the very best functionality. All inverters and control panels come with a 2yr warranty !

The 800W and 1600W models are available in a waterproof version (IP66), the USi80 or USi160 model. Durable die cast aluminium housing is completely waterproof and will withstand extreme outdoor conditions.
US15/12V and US15/24V Inverters
12V and 24V versions available, choose in drop down box
US40/12V Inverter
400W inverter
US50/24V inverter
500W sine inverter
Sealed Ultra Sine Inverter 800w
From: £2,248.20
Sealed 800W inverter12v or 24v
USi160/12V Sealed inverter
From: £3,399.47
Sealed inverter
RPi03 Sealed remote control
Sealed remote control for sealed inverters
Transfer switch US-TFSI to IBS Inverter
Shock Protection
Cable kit for the US-TFSI