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IBS Relay IBS-DBR 200A/12V

Product Code: 14-800812

Our Price: £173.68
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IBS Relay IBS-DBR 200A/12V
The IBS-DBR (Dual Battery Relay) is the most integrated Dual Battery Management System on the market. Within the IBS high performance 200A/12V or 100A/24V relay operates a full Micro Computer system monitoring and controlling the dual battery setup. This relay brings together 15 years of technical know-how and handles up tp 500 Amp cross current between two batteries.

- Fully integrated 200A Power Relay.
- Very simple under bonnet installation.
- Waterproof.
- External emergency switch for full start support.
- RBM (BS Relay Booster Module) function integrated for a safe Link Start.
- Lowest power consumption.. < 1mA.
- Optical isolated link terminal to protect electronics against misuse and wrong installation.
- 13.1V link and 13.0V de-link with time delay matches latest altrnator settings e.g. under hot temperatures.
- Twin spike protection on Main and Aux terminal.
- Operates if only one battery present.
- Extended automotive temperature range -40C to +105C.
- 5 years warranty, (CE, FCC and RoHS compliant).
- Available as 12 or 24 Volt systems.

User friendly:
- Links if charge is present in either Main or Aux battery.
- Link de-activation if AUX battery is missing (trailer), shuts down power to trailer plug.
- 30 minute manual battery link with automatic return.
- Full solar system support.
- LED indicators, link and battery operation status.
Triple battery setup extension with IBS/DBi-DBS.