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IBS Dual Battery system IBS-DBS 24v with E24

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With E24 certification


Continuous development has lead to next generation technology with micro power RISC Micro Computers (MTC). This new technology is now being integrated in the IBS products offering a variety of great features.
For emergency situations all battery monitors (DBS) are equipped with a manual override function. The manual linking function (called load sharing) is very helpful for jump starting or when using high current appliances like an electrical recovery winch.

The installation of all IBS dual battery systems is easy. Only 4 wires as well as the power cable (not included) are needed. The installation does not need a D+ line connection from the alternator.

The IBS-DBS display provides a clear indication of the dual battery voltage using a series of coloured LEDs. The main bank of LEDs show the amount of charge in both batteries if all loads are switched off. A separate bank of LEDs displays the charging voltage. While the engine is running the main and aux batteries are linked together for parallel charging from the alternator. When the engine is stopped the two batteries will be disconnected automatically. Appliances such as fridges, lights, compressors, inverters are now safely fed from the aux battery only.

In an emergency situation, a defective or empty main battery for example, two batteries may be connected together by activating the LINK button. After a period of 30 mins. the systems returns to automatic mode. If the battery voltage of one or both of the batteries remains below 24v for a long period, the system sounds a warning BEP and the "Low Battery" LED of the corresponding battery flashes. The dual battery system also monitors the level of charge to both batteries.