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Hidden Winch Mount

Taubenreuther is the largest provider of winch mounting kits in Europe. While it used to be very simple constructions that could sometimes be easily accessible in front of the vehicle, the modern design, the construction of the vehicles and the increasingly strict regulations in Europe (pedestrian protection!) Make cable winches "legally compliant" to install in street legal vehicles. Therefore, the winch bumpers, front-end winches and body winches, which make sense in the field, will die out in the foreseeable future and only so-called "hidden" or "multi-mount" mounting kits will find the approval of the test laboratories.

All of our mounting kits are developed individually for each vehicle type and care is taken to ensure that the terrain properties, such as the angle of the slope, are not impaired too much, despite the fact that they are easy to use, and that all legal regulations are complied with. Extensive practical tests ensure that the connection between the vehicle mounting kit and the cable winch can also withstand the corresponding load. It is also determined which winches can be released for the respective vehicle, because we can influence the stability of the Taubenreuther mounting kits, but unfortunately not that of the vehicle! Therefore, we can sometimes not release stronger winches, although their dimensions would fit in the mounting kit because areas on the vehicle could be damaged,

In order to ensure the rust protection required by the automobile manufacturers, all Taubenreuther cable winch mounting kits are first KTL-coated and then plastic-coated again for optical reasons. The mounting kits are equipped as completely and comprehensively as possible (right down to the last screw) and supplied with easy-to-understand, illustrated assembly instructions to ensure that installation is as simple as possible.

All of this, our ISO certification and the proof of consistent quality in production (COP), then ensure that we also receive the corresponding parts certificate or an ABE so that you can legally drive it on the road.

Hidden winch mounting kits

With the so-called hidden mounting kits for cable winches, the cable winches are integrated as far as possible in the original bumper. This hidden winch assembly has the following advantage: The winch always stays on the vehicle and is ready for use at any time. Even with an oblique pull direction, higher tensile forces can be achieved than with flexible systems. Taubenreuther's hidden winch mounting systems are presented to the TÜV before product approval and only then delivered with a TÜV certificate. Hidden mounting kits are available for many off-road vehicles such as Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and many more. and pick-ups of all brands, such as Ford, Isuzu, or VW.

Hidden Winch Mount
Hidden Winch Mount incl WARN Zeon 10 winch
Hidden winch mount fuse kit for 3.5t and above winches