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Hidden Multi Mount

Product Code: 1-259170

Our Price: £887.20
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The Taubenreuther Hidden Multi Mount is custom (CAD) designed for each vehicle and checked to ensure that any air bag sensors will not be affected by the mount. Each Mount has the TUV approval and is fully certificated.

To protect from corrosion and to meet the same level of finish that the vehicle manufacturer expects the parts are cataphoretically coated and then plastic coated. A mounting kit certificate is provided with each receiver along with a photographic installation guide.

When used with the Taubenreuther Multi Mount, the Winch Carrier is an excellent way of attaching a winch to the front of the vehicle for a short period of time. The Multi Mount can also have a tow ball etc. fitted.

Receiver tube dimensions 50mm x 50mm (square).

When you purchase a Taubenreuther Multi Mount  you will not get a metal bar that fits your vehicle, more or less, but a kit that is manufactured to fit your vehicle in every detail.

Fitting instructions