DV4 44x4 small SUVs/4x4's

This easy to install innovative product is ideal for those sticky moments in life and literally get you out of trouble!  They are simple to attach to the tyre and then give the tyre the extra traction needed to get the vehicle where it is trying to go.  Conceived for use in mud, sand, ice or snow they are a year-round safety product that you can store in your vehicle ready to use.

In mud or sand, it is important that you assess how deep the wheel is when using your DV4 chains. Clearly, in the rare case that the wheel is up to or more than ¾ buried in mud or sand, you will have to take extra measures to lift the truck and pack the wheels. 

*For use in snow, ensure you remove any rubber hose sections on your chains.

If a vehicle is more than 1800cc and it is not a 4X4, then DV4CAR is perfectly adequate.

When a DV4CAR product is in use, your maximum driving speed should be 25 Mph (40 Kmh). The AA recommended maximum speed for driving with snow chains in the UK is 30 mph !

All packs include 3 accessories: pliers, gloves and hook.

Need convincing ? Have a look at the video for the DV4 chains working in SNOW, MUD and SAND !