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Drawer Units

With over 200 configurations available, ARB's Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems range has been designed to take the stress out of storage. Modules can be installed singly, modules of different lengths can be mounted side by side, and modules can also be stacked on top of one another. It is very easy to remove, swap or add modules as and when your storage requirements change.

The basic building blocks of the Outback Modular Roller Drawer System consist of eleven modules. These eleven modules are made up of three styles, a Drawer, a Drawer with Roller Floor and a Roller Floor. The three styles are available in lengths of 1355mm, 1045mm and 945mm with two additional drawer modules at 845mm and 745mm long.

ARB Roller drawers are rated to carry 100 Kg spread evenly throughout the drawer and the Roller Floors are rated to carry 75 Kg spread evenly over the top.

Accessories include: cargo barriers, rear rack and dividers, side floor kits, fold down anchor points, as well as extension and end panels.

To see which vehicles we have drawer kits for you can click on the FITTING GUIDE. However, we have taken the difficulty out of deciding which compents you need, to find all the modules and fitting kits available for your vehicle please select it from the "Search by Vehicle" selector at the top left of this page.