Cross Bars

Please note this is the range of available Rhino Rack cross bars.

These are supplied as single bars and with out a foot kit, apart from the Vortex Kits and Stealth Bars that are supplied as vehicle specific kits.

Please refer to the make and model drop down or enquire with us for a kit to suit your vehicle.

Rhino-Rack cross members are available in several versions, including the rectangular Heavy Duty and the oval Vortex. All cross members themselves are made of black or clear anodized aluminum and carry max. 50 kg per piece (note the approved roof load!).

Which roof rack cross bars for whom?

Experience shows that off-roaders and tradespeople like to opt for the Heavy Duty, as it offers the most accessories and is also compatible with most roof tents, etc.

Sports enthusiasts and long-distance riders often opt for the visually appealing Vortex cross member,.

The Stealth crossbeams from Rhino-Rack are specially designed for original vehicle rails. These are mounted on the original vehicle railing and only increase the vehicle height by 35mm. The Stealth crossbars are connected to the railing with solid rubber bands, the ends of the crossbars are flush with the inner edge of the railing, there are no lateral protrusions. To protect against theft, the stealth cross members are finally locked. They can be quickly dismantled if necessary. As with all Rhino-Rack cross bars, numerous adapters, e.g. for skis, bicycles, etc., can also be mounted on the Stealth.