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CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing

Rust protection for vehicles

CouplerTec from Australia is an effective electronic system for professional protection against rust for any cars or trucks which are exposed to corrosive environments. Depending on the vehicle size a system with the appropriate number of contact pads are installed on the vehicle (for example cars/4WD range is from 2 to 6 pads and commercial vehicles from 4 to 12 pads).

CouplerTec draws a small amount of energy from the vehicle battery and feeds the coupler pads with pulses. These 200kHz / 400V pulses generate over the entire vehicle (car body and chassis where available) a capacitive negative charge to protect against rust (rust-oxidation of iron Fe and oxygen O2 to Fe2O3 is suppressed).

When is the use of CouplerTec useful:

  • If vehicles are frequently exposed to salt water / seawater

  • If vehicles are exposed to corrosive material / soil (around mines etc.)

  • If cars were restored (investment protection for vintage / rare)

Advantages when used with CouplerTec:

  • Recurring safeguards such as underbody protection are unnecessary

  • Maintenance and service costs are reduced

  • Attachments including bumpers or roof racks in aluminum are also protected

  • Resale value of the vehicle is increased

  • Older vehicles can be stabilized against rust

  • The coating remains like new

  • paint damage does not cause corrosion

  • The emergence of static electricity is prevented

Installation and maintenance of CouplerTec:

  • Installation time car / 4WD approximately 2-6h depending on the system size (ca. 1h/pad)

  • Installation time Trucks / Construction 4-10h depending on the system size (ca. 1h/pad)

  • Annual installation verification necessary by authorized personnel

4WDHDSFK 4 couplers
4 wheel drive, 4 couplers
4WDSFK 4 wheel drive 2 couplers
CouplerTec 2 couplers 4 wheel drive
4WDXHD24VSFK 6 couplers, 24V
4WDXHD24VSFK 6 couplers, 24V
4WDXHDSFK 6 couplers
4WDXHDSFK 6 couplers
Capacitive Coupler
1COUP Capacitive Coupler
CouplerTec self fit 2 couplers
2WDHDSFK CouplerTec 2 couplers