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Product Code: 35-814406

Our Price: £347.89
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All together in one practical kit! The ARB awning now comes with an integrated LED strip that is simply rolled up during transport and does not take up any additional space in the vehicle in the protective cover. When you arrive at your destination, the awning is set up and the cables supplied are connected to a socket in the vehicle. You are now provided with sufficient light for every further step. The "Cool-White" mode (max. 1200 lumens) can be used for working on the vehicle and for preparing dinner.
After the duty comes the pleasure and you can, depending on the ambience, switch to the "Amber" mode. The fine-tuning is done by means of a dimmer switch and nothing stands in the way of a nice evening in nature.

  • Length of the telescopic rods: 218 cm (= max. Mounting height on the vehicle)
  • Width of the mounting rail: 63mm
  • Distance between the two C-slots: 50mm
  • integrated LED strip with max. 1200 lumens
  • 2 light modes (cool white & amber)