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Brand: Rhino Rack  |  Weight: 0.5kg  |  

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Awning adaptor for quick mounting/release of Batwing and Sunseeker awnings.  Must be used with an SSIT kit.


The Stow iT Awning Adaptor is the perfect option to mount the Rhino-Rack Batwing or Sunseeker Awning to your vehicle. The Awning Adaptor is used to conjunction with the Stow iT starter Kit 50-16SSIT where it simply slides into the base bracket giving you the option to remove and store the awning when not in use.

Can only be used with the Stow iT Starter Kit base brackets: STOW iT Starter Kit 50-16SSIT
  • Two mounting holes and a slot provide the flexibilty to mount a Batwing or Sunseeker Awning at different heights.
  • Slides in and out of the Stow iT base bracket allowing the awning to be removed with ease when not in use
  • Maxium Load: 20kg per pair.