150cm x 55cm SnoWay Snow Plough

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All Sno-Way 22 series are built using high strength steel components, low drag polycarbonate blade skins and super fast hydraulics. Standard features include the direct linkage system for the highest stacking height in the industry, a variable height drive–in mount system for easy-on and off use, plough lights that detach with the plough and trip return “Shock Killer” system. The Sno-Way plough also includes a compact joystick control that can be operated from the vehicle cab.
All Sno-Way 22 series ploughs feature the patented Down Pressure system (DPSystem). The DPSystem maximizes the plough performance in both back dragging and scraping under all conditions which in turn increases the operational efficiency by as much as 30%. The hydraulics distributes the plough weight from the front axle to both the plough’s cutting edge and rear axle. This increases the cutting edge force while ploughing and increases the overall traction of your vehicle.
The DPSystem puts the plough weight right where you need it – on the cutting edge. A Sno-Way plough has more cutting edge weight than any other comparable snow plough.
  • Sno-Way ploughs are available for a wide range of 4x4 vehicles and pick ups.
  • Flex Force Frame construction – engineered to absorb load stress spikes
  • Fast hydraulics – SM01 fast, easy to maintain, economical & long lasting.
  • Direct linkage system which eliminates “chain slap”. Reduced wear and tear and increased snow stack height.
  • High strength steel used in the frame construction and strong blades which reduce the wear and tear on both the vehicle and the operator.
  • Hydraulic Assist Plough Mount System – easy to mount and demount.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturing – The ploughs are built efficiently & with close tolerances to last longer
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